The Mental Health First Aid Program

While people often know a lot about common physical health problems, there is widespread stigma associated with mental health problems. These stigmatising attitudes prevent people from seeking help early and seeking the best sort of help. It also prevents people providing appropriate support to colleagues and family members, simply because they do not know how.

Break The Stigma Today

That’s not quite it.

As an experienced mental health clinician and educator, I can tailor a program to suit you or your orgnisations needs

Nursing Education

For the last 10 years I’ve been involved with an amazing company called Ausmed.  Ausmed Education runs over 250 conferences and seminars throughout Australia each year. Many thousands of nurses, midwives, and other health professionals are educated at these events each year.  If you’re interested in having a look at their events, click the link below.  And if you’re a nurse you can gain those much needed CPD points.