Today, I Want You To Slow Down

When I first watched this video I connected with it immediately, in a funny kind of way. I know that I’ve done the same thing in the past; in fact, the fairly recent past! Watch this clip first before you read any further, it only goes for 2 minutes.

Are you the same? No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, do you find yourself

always rushing,
always trying to keep up,
always competing?

Think about some of those places where you do that, not just walking down the street like in this video. What about at an airport? Have you noticed how people at an airport act kind of like a scared herd of animals? Moving together, frantically, even if they’re not in a rush.

Why are we always rushing?
Where are we rushing to?
What will we find when we get there?
Will we know when we have arrived?

When you look around you, you start to notice that pretty much everyone is in a rush. And when you pause to take a long, slow look at yourself, you start to notice that you, too, are always in a rush, even when you don’t need to be.

It becomes a mindset, a default setting in our day to day movements: to move quickly, to be efficient, to be on time, or early, or at the very least, to make sure that we are keeping up with everyone else on the fast moving treadmill to…..

What, or who, am I trying to keep up with?

Have a think about a little kid. They totally live in the moment. If you don’t believe me, borrow a toddler from a friend or family member and take them for a walk around the block, but go at their pace. It’ll take you at least an hour, I guarantee it! Kids live in the moment. They fully embrace every part of it; the good, the bad and the ugly. They deeply invest themselves emotionally in it to, experiencing amazing highs and lows, unburdened by the shackles that tell us we need to behave appropriately.

By the time we get to the end of our week, we’re exhausted. Our rushing around, our keeping up, our competitiveness, has exhausted us. And then we collapse for the weekend and try to recover best we can before we face it all over again on Monday, those horrible Mondays.

Is it just me, or is that a pretty pathetic way to live? That’s why I love this clip from the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love.” After watching this I started enjoying, “the sweetness of doing nothing.”

So, today I’m laying down a challenge for you. I want you to slow down. I want you to start living mindfully. Be aware of your breath, your heart rate, what you can smell, what you can hear and see and what you’re feeling. When you start living this way, the very moment you’re in becomes enjoyable. Instead of always looking forward to another moment you can enjoy, at the end of the week or at some other time, start enjoying this very moment. Right here, right now, whether you are sitting at a desk at work, out in the car doing errands, relaxing at home, or playing with your children.

Finally, I want you to watch this and then see how many “moments” you notice today.

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