Thinking About Death

We don’t like to talk about it, but maybe it’s about time we did. Check out this 2011 campaign by “Soften the Fck Up”. The statistics might surprise you.

This campaign was for 2011, but I ask you, when was the last time you looked a bloke in the eye and really asked him, “How are you doing, mate?”


  1. Don Gollan

    Like what I’ve read so far, Geoffrey

    I’ll be grateful if you email me the stuff you offered about the program. I’ll print it out for my people.

    For the time being I’d like to promote you without pointing to this website as I’d like to think about doing some of these things myself before trying to get churches in our area in planting small groups for churches. Is after 4.00 pm the best time to call you on any day?



  2. Don Gollan

    Hi Geoffrey,

    I haven’t read this part yet.

    Did you see stuff about youth suicide in South Australia on TV last night? Frightening. It would be my hope to get local curches on the front foot to teach folk how to confront these issues.



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