What people are saying about my training:

“You have a remarkable gift as a presenter.  You ooze passion and hope and it’s so engaging.”  Head of Languages – Scotch College, Melbourne.

“I can’t emphasise enough how interesting this training was, I have genuinely never been so consistently switched on in a long seminar series like this before. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say your passion for mental health education is truly inspiring and has instilled a commitment in all of us to approach mental health from a much more informed and empathetic perspective.”  Krishny – Monash University Student.      

“Oh my goodness, you are amazing.  I’m so glad I came to this course.”   Marie – PhD Student, Monash University.

“Thank you so much for giving up your time to facilitate a personalised Workshop on Mental Health for our team. I could have listened to you all day as l loved your fast pace, stories and practical tips that we will be able to implement immediately into our sessions. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Mental Health, and highlighted the importance of the 3 health topics that we offer – Mental Health & Wellbeing, Sleep, Exercise & Health, and Healthy Eating & Nutrition. The additional information on trauma and PTSD was especially relevant for all of us.”  Suzie – CEO, The Water Well Project.

“If you spend any time with Geoffrey, you’ll notice how he is constantly emitting positivity. It’s hard not to be inspired when you’re around him, and it makes me want to step up with my own health and wellness goals!”  Sam – Director of Training, 5th Element Wellness.

“Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop.  Your passion for and immense knowledge on mental health was incredible to see.  In my experience of attending lectures, tutorials, workshops and classes on counselling and mental health, yours was by far the best.”  Melissa – Master of Counselling Student, Monash University.

“I never thought that training could be this amazing.  I really loved the knowledge provided in a very detailed yet simple manner.”   Mehreeh – RALAC.  

“The content was engaging and insightful into trauma in our lives and how to provide trauma informed care.  It was research and evidenced based information and experience and no just telling us what we already knew.  It was great.”  Anna – RALAC