According to our statistics in Australia, we know that around 30 Australian men die by suicide every WEEK (1,881 people died by suicide in 2007 and 77% were men, the majority of them young men). It’s heartbreaking.

I share this because I have been informed of yet another suicide in a rural community this week, a loving dad with kids, a successful man, a community leader. I don’t know all the circumstances, I didn’t know the man, but it is such a tragic loss.

Men, we HAVE to start talking, we have to stop trying to be tough, it’s killing us, literally.

For more info about the brilliant “Soften the Fck Up” campaign, you can check out the website here.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or suspect that a family member or friend is, PLEASE, do something.

If someone you love has committed suicide, there is help and support available for you, too.


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