The Psychological Domain

In this domain we look at things like your personality, your temperament, the worldview or paradigm through which you see the world around you (which can impact you either positively or negatively), your levels of resilience, and the ways in which you react to stress and life challenges, just to name a few.

Your worldview is worth considering.  If you have a faith, for example, it might be beneficial for your mental health.  This study suggested that, “Religion appears to be one important way of having a sense of well-being.”

Of course, it can go the other way too.  If you’re gay, lesbian or trans and a part of a conservative religious group it may well have a significantly negative impact on your mental health if you’re being told you’re broken or sinful.

Temperament is another interesting one.  Some of you will be what we refer to as, “highly sensitive.”  This doesn’t mean you’re soft or weak or a lesser person, it just means that your default in life is to be exquisitely sensitive to the world and people around you.  It’s a rich and beautiful temperament type to have, but it also means that you tend to feel things like sadness more deeply than others.  You can read more about the highly sensitive person here (

Pieces of the Puzzle