I don’t watch commercial television or listen to commercial radio these days, so when I’m in my car I am always listening to podcasts.  They’re easy to access via a range of apps on your phone or iTunes.

Here are a handful of my favourites:

The Rich Roll Podcast

Listen to this ultra-athlete who is ultra-down to earth, interview the most amazingly diverse range of guests.  Be prepared to be challenged and inspired as you do. 

All In The Mind

Want to get inside that head of yours and try to better understand the mysteries contained in the wobbly grey and white matter inside your skull?  Here’s where you can do it.  Be prepared to be fascinated.

The New Normal Project

Listen to Melbourne based ICU doctor Andrew Davies and his wife interview some amazing guests as they discovered a, “new normal” after Andrew hit the wall a few years ago.  I heard Andrew speak at the Inaugural Nutrition in Health Care Conference in Melbourne in February 2019 and he was incredible.


Remember the Australian man who ate potatoes for a whole year to break his food addiction?  Well you can get to know him better on his podcast and listen as he interviews some amazing Australian’s on their journey

The Wheeler Centre

Brace yourself for this one.  You WILL feel challenged, maybe even uncomfortable with some of these.  But my goodness they’re good.  I love feeling challenged and outside my comfort zone so if you’re like me you’ll like this one.

Science Friction

If you’re ready to get your nerd on, you’ll really enjoy this one 

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