Growing Down

My lovely wife put me on to this daily email about parenting called “The Daily Groove.”  It’s short, simple and to the point and the emails often contain great tid-bits of wisdom.  Here’s the one that came today:

:: Growing Down ::

Phrases like “child’s play” and “cry like a baby” and “grow up!” expose an unspoken belief of our culture: children are expected to have fun and express their feelings openly, while grown-ups are expected to accept that life is mostly a grind with little room for authenticity.

Perhaps, then, our desire for our children to be happy and authentic is partly a wish for ourselves. Luckily, *modeling* is the most effective parenting tool, so let’s model authenticity and lightness today by “growing down”…

* Eat spaghetti with your fingers
* Wear shoes that don’t match
* Wear no shoes at all… in the rain
* Don’t delay gratification
* Scream when you feel like it
* Pee in the grass!

No need to worry what other grown-ups might think.  Just tell them you’re sacrificing your adultness for the good of your children. 🙂

Enjoy and here’s to good mental health.

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