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NEW mhfa logoAs part of an exciting research project being conducted by the University of Melbourne and aimed at parents of teens, I have been invited to conduct one of my Youth Mental Health First Aid courses in Hobart, which research participants will be able to attend for free. Any parent with a teen aged between twelve and fifteen is eligible to participate in the study.

(Please note that People who have undertaken training in the previous three years in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) or physical first aid are unable to participate in the research project.)

The course is being held at the Rydges Hotel in Hobart on 16-17 March.

rydges-hobartThe course is also open to anyone not interested in participating in the research, although the full course cost needs to be paid. More information is available here and you can also register online at that link.

For those interested in finding out more about participating in the research and attending the course for free, here is the basic information:

The research study is titled Training for Parents of Teenagers (TPOT study) (info here) and aims to equip parents with the skills to recognize and respond to mental health problems in teenagers, as well as first aid injuries. Teenagers aged between 12-15 years and their parents are invited to take part (one teenager and one parent per family). There is no requirement for teenagers to have an existing mental or physical health problem in order to participate. Parents receive training at no cost to them, in one of the following two courses:

The 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid course conducted by me, which teaches the skills to recognize the early signs of mental illness, identify potential mental health-related crises, and assist teenagers to get the help they need as early as possible


a 15-hour Australian Red Cross Provide First Aid course conducted by another trainer, which teaches the skills to sustain life, reduce pain and minimise the consequences of injury and illness until professional help arrives.

Parents will need to select two course dates during online registration and the computer will randomly place them into one of their chosen courses. Please see this website for course dates and venues as well as general information about participating in the research.

Teens problemsBoth the parent and the teenager will be required to complete a brief phone survey prior to the parent attending their free course. This will help the researchers map what parents and teens already know about mental health problems and first aid, before training is given to the parent (teenagers do not attend the training).

Parents and teens who register will be contacted annually for a brief phone survey, to see if the skills taught to the parent were used to help the teen and whether these skills led to improvements in the teen’s long term health.

In summary:

• Information about the research program can be found here
• General information about Mental Health First Aid training can be found here
• Information about the course in Hobart on 16-17 March (for research participants or members of the public) can be found here

If you have any questions about the research program, please contact Julie Fischer by email at or by phone at T: 90356770 or M: 0401 772 648.

Alternatively, you can contact me by email at or by phone at 0413 658 004 or via the form below:

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