College Without High School

Would you take your kid out of school if it was the best thing for them? It’s a challenging thought isn’t it? Of course, some of us simply don’t have the luxury of that choice, but I think a lot of people are basically just too scared to contemplate the idea. I was surprised recently when talking to a principal of a high school to hear her say that, “some kids simply don’t fit the school system and we need to encourage and make available to parents opportunities to home-school their kids, because in the end, it will be better for them (the kids).” Now I’m not against mainstream schooling at all. I do a lot of work with schools and I am constantly meeting amazing men and women whose passion and care for their students is truly inspiring. But there is an alternative too, for the kids that struggle or simply for the parents who want to try a different approach to education. This article is an excellent piece, in my opinion. It points out the many benefits of this choice that we here in Australia are able to legally make. I hope it helps you in your understanding of why it is such a good fit for many parents.

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