All You Need to Know About Mental Health and General Wellbeing.

Let’s Start with a Look at the Bigger Picture………….

My Story

Geoffrey Ahern is a Senior Mental Health Clinician from Melbourne, Victoria.  Over the years, Geoff has gained extensive experience in Emergency and Trauma nursing, Rural Nursing, Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling and Psychiatric nursing, having worked in both the public and private sectors. He also holds a Masters Degree in Crisis Mental Health Intervention and is working in his PhD regarding suicide risk and young LGBT people.

Stories of Transformation

Geoffrey Ahern

About a year after moving to Melbourne in late 2013 my marriage ended.  It was, as you might imagine, a very difficult time.  I slumped into a state of despair but there was no time to feel sorry for myself, I had to keep working as I had a family to provide for.

Andrew Taylor

On this journey I’ve been inspired by other people’s journey’s too.  One such man is Andrew Taylor.  You may recall the Australian man who ate only potatoes for a year, well that was Andrew.

Rich Roll

The person who actually started me down this pathway of a whole food plant based lifestyle is a man by the name of Rich Roll.  Somehow (I can’t remember how) I stumbled upon his podcast without knowing anything really about his story and it turns out he has an incredible story, and also follows a whole food plant based lifestyle.  I highly recommend you have a look at his podcast.  He’s also written and amazing book.